2024/25 HIGHLAND

A fun-filled class wherein students explore the traditional and national dances of Scotland. Highland teaches self-discipline, confidence, and motivation, making it one of the best training grounds for success. An ancient form of dance that requires both stamina and strength, Highland remains extremely popular throughout the world.

Our season begins the week of Monday, September 9th, 2024.

Skill Levels/Placement

Selecting a Highland class can be somewhat daunting as several factors determine student placement, and this can be difficult to determine if you are not an experienced instructor. For instance, "Beginner" is not intended for absolute beginners! If your dancer has no prior experience, select the age appropriate Intro class. For all other enrollment, please contact the studio for assistance.

Age Ranges

Highland classes are not generally structured in terms of age. Beyond the introductory (Intro) and Primary levels, a student is placed based on their knowledge of specific dances and theory, plus prior exam and competition experience. While some classes feature age ranges, most do not. Again, should you have any questions, please contact the studio.

INTRODUCTORY (No Experience Necessary)

Select the age appropriate Intro class for students with no prior Highland experience. For Primary classes, 5 and 6 years of age is recommended (though exceptions may be discussed).


For young students with specific prior experience. Please contact the studio for assistance before enrolling.


For all lessons beyond Intro and Primary (both intended for specific age ranges), student placement is determined by our teaching staff. If you have not already been assigned a specific class, please contact the studio for confirmation of placement prior to registration.

  • Select a Register link to begin your online registration process.
  • If the class has reached maximum enrollment, a Waitlist link will be displayed. Waitlisted students are given first consideration should a spot become available or if a similar class is added to the schedule. A large waitlist will often dictate when a new class is created. Joining a waitlist is free of charge.
  • If no link is displayed, the class may require a special enrollment process (admission by audition, for example). This also occurs during the final months of each semester, when classes are no longer accepting new enrollment.

Upon submission of online registration, fees will NOT process immediately. Expect an email confirmation within three (3) business days. This will include the total amount owing with applicable taxes and discounts. Initial fees will process automatically on a date indicated, using the billing information associated with your account.


When multiple classes share the same name, each class is assigned a number (in brackets). For instance, Junior Ballet (1) and Junior Ballet (2). These numbers exist only to differentiate the classes on the schedule and have no impact on student placement.

2024/25 Season

The 1st semester of our season begins on September 9th, 2024 and ends on December 14th, 2024. The 2nd semester begins on January 6th, 2025 and ends on June 21st, 2025. Unless otherwise noted, classes will continue for the entire season provided minimum enrollment is maintained.


Though our season runs from September 2024 to June 2025, registration does NOT commit you to the entire 10 month period. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis. Students are free to add classes, transfer to a new class, and/or withdraw from class at any time. Important: Enrollment and billing will continue through to the end of the season unless office staff are otherwise notified.

Initial Fees & Monthly Tuition

Initial fees will be posted at the time of registration. Subsequent tuition fees are due on the 1st of each month. Initial fees include the first month's tuition (prorated if joining mid-month), a $50 registration fee per family, and costume fees as detailed below. Listed fees DO NOT include GST, taxes are additional. Families will be discounted for multiple students/classes.

Tuition is calculated based on class length and day of the week. For example: Monday classes offer fewer lessons due to stat holiday and long weekend closures, resulting in a lower tuition fee. 45 minute classes will likewise feature a lower fee compared to 60 minute classes.

Costume Fee

There are NO upfront costume fees associated with highland dance classes.

Fixed Payment Plan

Tuition fees are calculated as part of a "fixed" payment plan (also known as an equal payment plan). Fees are calculated by determining the total cost of the season, minus all studio closures, divided equally across the 10 month period between September 2024 and June 2025. The registrant pays the same fee each month regardless of how many classes are attended. Note that all scheduled closures are subtracted prior to the calculation of fees, thus reducing the average monthly tuition.

Don't See the Class You're Looking For?

If we do not offer an appropriate class, please let us know. Be sure to join a wait list if the class of your choice is full! New options will often be added to the schedule based on demand.

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