Online video conferencing allows us to enjoy the traditional classroom setting in a safe, secure environment. Zoom continues to update and improve security, providing a free, reliable, easy-to-use platform for virtual lessons.

JUNE 2020 (June 1st - 30th) 

*** RECURRING CLASSES! Submitting a registration will enroll you for the entire month of June. Lessons will meet once per week, allowing for a more consistent (and convenient) learning experience. The schedule will likely be updated at the end of the month, requiring a new round of registration for July and beyond.

Our June schedule features recreational lessons for ages 3-6, 7-12, and teen. We are also pleased to offer advanced classes, highland options, and exam prep for our more experienced dancers. Please note that lessons listed as Intermediate and Advanced will demand prior training, while Exam classes are intended for students enrolled in the 2019/20 Excalibur competitive troupe.

Zoom continues to be both user-friendly and secure, and it remains our application of choice for the virtual classroom. Follow this link for additional information regarding Zoom.

Log into your account if you have attended classes with Excalibur in the past. Your information is stored in our system, there is no need to fill out a new form. Otherwise, select the appropriate "Register" link to begin your online enrollment. If your desired class becomes full, we strongly suggest joining the "Wait List" as doing so will help us to gauge demand moving forward.

*** Remember: Unlike our previous online classes, these lessons are recurring. Classes will begin on the start date listed below and continue through to the end of June, meeting at the indicated day/time each week. The listed tuition fees now represent payment for the entire month. Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional information.


Options for students 13 and over. Younger individuals are welcome to join, provided they are comfortable dancing alongside older students and have the necessary experience. Note that classes listed as Intermediate and Advanced will demand some prior training.


Flexibility and strength training for adults (and teens).


Traditional Scottish Highland dancing. Enrollment is based largely on prior experience. If you are unsure of which class/level to choose, please contact the studio for assistance.


Participants must be enrolled in the 2019/20 Excalibur competitive troupe program. Be sure to enroll in the proper level, dependent on your student's prior experience. Contact the studio for assistance should you have questions regarding Exam class registration.

New students are welcome! If you were enrolled in a previous online class and wish to participate in June 2020, you will need to re-register.

The pricing listed above does not include the tax. Regular discounts apply for multiple students/classes within the same family. Tuition is calculated based on the day of the week (example: There are five Mondays in June, but only four Thursdays, resulting in a higher cost for the classes that meet on Monday).

Zoom is free, easy, and approved for use by School District 57. As with most technology, however, there is a certain amount of setup involved. Click here to get started.

Upon submission of online registration, fees will be posted to your account. These fees will NOT process right away. Expect to receive email confirmation prior to your online lesson. This will include a future date for processing and the total amount owing (with applicable taxes and discounts).

Is your student shy or hesitant to participate in an online class? Are they worried about strangers watching them dance, or nervous to speak to the teacher? No worries! Broadcasting video and audio is entirely optional. You are welcome to attend without using your camera and/or microphone. Your dancer will see the instructor and be able to participate, but no one will see or hear them (unless they choose to be seen and heard). This is always an option if you have a student who wishes to dance, but is unsure of the online classroom.

Please contact the studio should you require additional information or assistance.

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