What is Zoom? Zoom is an application that provides an easy, reliable platform for video and audio conferencing across mobile devices and desktops.

Registrants require a device capable of running Zoom alongside an internet connection able to support video conferencing. System requirements can be found here. The Zoom application must be installed, configured, and fully functional PRIOR to the start of class. Please visit the Getting Started section of the Zoom website should you require detailed instruction.

It is also strongly recommended that attendees have access to an appropriate space, an area large enough to allow for participation without the risk of personal injury or property damage.

Where to download Zoom? Zoom for PC and laptop can be found here. If you are on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, search your app store for the appropriate “Zoom Cloud Meetings” application. Once installed, follow the instructions for account creation.

Prior to joining a class, you are required to sign in with a Zoom account. Failure to do so will result in an error, "Internal Meeting Only". No anonymous connections will be accepted. This authentication is a security measure to ensure that all participants are properly identified.

You will NOT be granted access to a class without first creating and logging into your Zoom account. Be sure that your profile includes the first and last names of the attending student (or the parent/guardian), as failure to do so may result in removal from the class.

How to join a class? What is the meeting ID and password? Joining a Zoom session requires both a unique meeting ID and password. Access your Excalibur account to view your class schedule. Each class listing will provide a link: “Click here to launch Zoom and join the class!” Simply follow this link to launch a secure connection, as it includes both the meeting ID and password. Should you attempt to access a class prior to the start time, you will be queued to connect as soon as the classroom is made available.

Access links will also be sent via email to the contact and student addresses on file, prior to the start of class. Should you rely on this method, ensure that your account includes all of the necessary email addresses.

When first joining a class, all attendees are placed into a virtual waiting room. You will be unable to access video and audio during this time. Once here, the administrator will verify your identity and grant you access to the classroom. Thank you in advance for your patience should this take longer than expected. This is an additional layer of security to ensure that no uninvited guests are able to access the session.

Upon joining the online classroom:

Participant VIDEO will be OFF, enable your camera within the Zoom app should you wish to be visible to the instructor. Note that this is optional. Participants are welcome to attend without broadcasting video of their student(s). Regarding camera placement: If possible, ensure that your dancer is visible from head-to-toe with sufficient lighting (ideally with no bright windows behind your student, as this can make them hard to see). This will allow the teacher to provide useful feedback during the course of the lesson.

Participant AUDIO will be MUTED so as to eliminate background noise and distraction, and to ensure that the instructor can be heard clearly. In an effort to encourage intereaction and communication, Excalibur staff will unmute the class during the course of the lesson, when appropriate. Students will also have the ability to unmute themselves should they have questions or comments.

Do you have questions or issues not covered by this information? Please contact studio@excaliburarts.com for assistance. If you have trouble connecting on the day of class, call 250-564-6326. Studio staff will be on hand to help.

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