2018/19 Registration

Posted: Sep 1, 2018

Registration continues throughout the month of September! Class sizes are limited, don't miss out!

Use the Classes menu link to explore your options, or click REGISTER NOW! to get started.

Our 2018/19 class schedule can be viewed HERE. The same document can be found via our Information menu link, along with 2018/19 policy, class attire, and studio closures (including recital performance dates).

If you have a preexisting account with Excalibur, you can log in and submit your enrollment without having to fill out a new online registration form.

Our online system has been updated! It is now mobile friendly and easier to navigate, though quite different from the old system. Consider watching the 3 minute "Parent Portal" introduction video, located at the bottom of the login screen. If you require assistance, please contact excaliburarts@shaw.ca or call 250-564-6326.

Our season begins on Tuesday, September 4th.