Recital Ticket Info

Posted: May 8, 2019


Our 2019 Year End Recital will take place on Saturday, June 15th at Vanier Hall in PGSS. 

All dancers are invited to perform! If your student does NOT wish to participate in recital (or cannot, for any reason) please let us know ASAP. Dance Shoppe staff in charge of costuming will be notified, as well as your instructor. Choreography is heavily dependent on numbers and an absent student may necessitate changing the dance ... not something a choreographer wants to do at the last minute!


Tickets will be available for purchase as of Monday, May 13th @ 3pm in the Excalibur Dance Shoppe. Seating is reserved and limited, you will be asked to view a seating chart and select your tickets.

Please be aware that recital tickets sell quite fast! It is also important to note that the studio will be CLOSED on Saturday, May 18th (May Long Weekend), you will NOT be able to purchase tickets on that day. We strongly recommend visiting the ticket table during the first few days of sales if you are concerned about seating.

There will be FOUR performances. The first three shows are organized by recreational age groups, meaning each student will dance in a specific recital based on the age of their class (see below for details). The fourth performance is for students enrolled in our competitive troupe program. Highland classes take part in certain shows, their participation is also detailed below.

Note that the listed ticket prices do NOT include the tax (add 5% GST):

10am @ Vanier Hall
Mini (3 years) and Kinder (5 & 6 year old) + Primary Highland
$8 student/senior (65+ years)
$15 general
Performers are FREE
Children 6 & under are FREE

1pm @ Vanier Hall
Junior (4 years) and 7-9 classes 
$8 student/senior (65+ years)
$15 general
Performers are FREE
Children 6 & under are FREE

4pm @ Vanier Hall
7-12, 10-12 and Teen classes + Intro 7-12 and Beg 1/2 Highland
$8 student/senior (65+ years)
$15 general
Performers are FREE
Children 6 & under are FREE

7pm @ Vanier Hall
Troupe performance
$9 student/senior (65+ years) + Highland A/B
$16 general
Performers are FREE
Children 6 & under are FREE

Please note the age ranges listed in the first three performances. The age range of your class(es) will determine which performance to attend, NOT the actual age of your student. Be sure not to confuse the two when purchasing tickets or you may end up with seats for the wrong show!

IMPORTANT: There will be NO REFUNDS on purchased tickets. This should eliminate the practice of buying up an entire row only to return half of the tickets a few days before the performance. Yes, it does happen! Seating is limited. Please, buy only the tickets you know you can use.

ALSO: There will be a significant discount if you attend multiple performances. :)

If you are unsure of which show(s) your student is in, please contact the office for assistance.

If you are new to Excalibur and this is your first recital, no worries! Expect to receive plenty of additional information in the weeks to come.