Schedule Update!

Posted: Jun 1, 2019

Since registration began on Monday, we have received plenty of feedback. In response to this, we have updated our 2019/20 schedule to include several new classes:

  • Int. Hip Hop teen on Wed @ 7:30pm
  • Broadway 10-12 on Friday @ 3:30pm
  • Beg. Tap 10-12 on Friday @ 4:30pm
  • Beg. Jazz 10-12 on Friday @ 6:30pm
  • Beg. Kinder Jazz on Saturday @ 3pm

These classes can be found online and are now accepting enrollment. If you have already processed a registration and would now prefer to transfer into one of these new classes, please contact the office for assistance. 

The updated schedule can be found HERE. Please note the red text at the top of the document. From now on, be sure to refresh the website when you view the schedule online. This will ensure that you are looking at the most up-to-date information.

Wednesday 17-Feb-16 09:37:59 PST