Posted: Nov 24, 2020

Late last night (on Monday, November 23rd), British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer issued an update to the recent province-wide restrictions. Previously, dance studios were permitted to continue operations while awaiting new guidance from public health officials. That is no longer the case, as of this morning.

As per the gov.bc.ca website: Venues that organize or operate group physical activities (not otherwise listed as high risk) must suspend them temporarily while new guidance is being developed. This includes dance studios. The updated order can be found on British Columbia's Province-wide restrictions page, under Athletic activities.

In compliance with the above information, out of an abundance of caution and effective immediately, we are temporarily suspending all classes. The studio will be closed until further notice.

The situation is frustrating, unclear, and constantly changing. As mentioned on the government website, venues will have the opportunity to submit an updated COVID-19 Safety Plan once new public health guidance is provided by the province. Of course, when this becomes an option, we will do so immediately.

In the meantime, we shall continue communicating with officials as we await further information and instruction.

Thank you for your continued patience. We hope to see you again soon. Stay safe, everyone.

Wednesday 17-Feb-16 09:37:59 PST