Spring Semester--DELAYED

Posted: Jan 8, 2021

Taking into consideration the concerns expressed by numerous dance families, and sharing the opinion of our senior teaching staff, we have made the difficult decision to further delay the start of our spring semester by an additional week.

***With this, classes will now resume on Monday, January 18th (though this date is subject to reevaluation).

Given the current state of the COVID health crisis, with cases increasing in the weeks following Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year's Eve, we feel it best to wait an additional week in an effort to avoid the worst of the post-holiday surge.

Though we have full confidence in our protocols to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we feel that reopening on Monday, January 11th would be ill-advised given the realities of the current situation. In an effort to respect the recommended two week isolation period following the busy holiday season, a January 18th reopening affords us some much needed breathing room and peace of mind.

To offset this delay, our spring semester will be extended an additional week in June 2021, through to Saturday, June 26th. For those of you returning from the fall semester, your January tuition will process on Monday the 18th, provided classes resume as planned.

We realize that this will come as a disappointment to many, and we apologize. In an effort to act responsibly, it necessary to prioritize the safety of our clientele and staff. We are also eager to return to the classroom and we can only hope that the curve begins to flatten as we move toward February.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to respond. Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Stay safe, as always.

Wednesday 17-Feb-16 09:37:59 PST