Posted: Dec 17, 2012

To each and every student who took the stage at Vanier Hall during our Holiday Recital: CONGRATULATIONS! You did an amazing job and should be very proud of yourselves. Performing in front of an audience is no small thing--it takes courage. You did it!

Thank you to those volunteers who donated their time and effort to ensure that the day ran smoothly. Your dedication is remarkable. Thank you to the talented technicians and instructors who spent their entire Saturday with us; we could not have done it without you. And of course, thank you to the parents and families for your patience, cooperation and support. Without you, there would be no Excalibur.

With that, the first semester of our season has officially ended. The studio is now CLOSED for the remainder of the Holiday season--classes will resume on Monday, January 7th. Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! See you again in 2013! :)

Wednesday 17-Feb-16 09:37:59 PST