Posted: Jun 17, 2013

With recital come and gone, Excalibur's 14th season has drawn to a close! All four shows were fantastic and everyone involved should be very proud of their accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS! We can only hope it was a fun and positive experience for all the performers, because really, that's why we do it!

Thank you to all the instructors and volunteers who spent most of their day at Vanier manning tables and helping out behind the scenes. Recital day has become such an event--we could not do it without you!

And again, thank you to our students and their families for choosing Excalibur Theatre Arts Co. Without your continued patronage and support, there would be no us! We sincerely hope that you enjoyed your time at the studio. If you have any feedback regarding recital day or the 2012/13 season in general, be it positive or negative, please let us know. Respond at this address with an email, or visit us on Facebook ( and submit a short "Recommendation". We are always interested to hear what you have to say as we work to improve the services we provide.

And now, a few random points of interest as we wind down for the summer months:

  • Office staff will be available June 17th-21st and June 24th-26th, from 3-6pm daily. They will be accepting pre-registration and summer workshop sign ups, as well as collecting any costumes that need to be returned. Please visit the Dance Shoppe in building 1 and drop off any costumes you may have prior to June 26th. Thanks in advance!

  • Pre-registration continues until Sunday, June 30th! Sign up on or before June 30th and save 15% off September tuition fees. Registration will continue throughout July and August, but there are only a few weeks left to take advantage of the discount.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Excalibur staff members responsible for the processing of online registration will be out of the office until July 1st, 2013. As a result, the posting, confirmation, and payment of initial registration fees will be delayed until next month. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to submit a registration at, as doing so WILL reserve and guarantee your student a spot in the selected class(es). And of course, all registration submitted on or before June 30th will receive the pre-registration bonus.

  • Despite our best efforts, a number of registrations submitted on recital day will NOT be fully completed until July 1st. We simply ran out of time! No worries, however: Your spot in class has been reserved. Though we will not be able to process your payment until early next month, you will not lose your place on the class roll. We will be contacting all delayed registrations on or after July 1st to re-confirm details prior to processing fees, so as to avoid any unexpected credit/bank transactions.

  • Did you miss your chance to order a recital DVD? Should you wish to place an order, please visit the office no later than Thursday, June 20th during the times listed above. Cash or cheque ONLY. Unfortunately, we are NOT permitted to process these fees via debit or credit. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Ana Klassen (one of our ballet instructors) has opted to host a "Strength & Stretch" class for teen and adults, to be held every Tuesday and Thursday starting on July 9th. This class will feature $10 drop-ins. More info to come!

Again, thank you to everyone, and congratulations! With another one in the books, we look forward to 2013/14 ... our 15th anniversary season! It's gonna be a good one. :)


Wednesday 17-Feb-16 09:37:59 PST