The Excalibur facility offers multiple access points. Please consider the following options when entering and exiting:

  • If you attend class in studios B or F, the lobby entrance off Lyon St. is recommended. This is the middle door of the three available from the front parking lot.

  • If you attend class in studio E, there is an entrance from the front parking lot directly into your classroom. This is the far left door off Lyon St. Use this entry/exit to avoid all congestion in the lobby. Note that this door is generally locked but your instructor will open it before and after classes during busy transition periods. Otherwise, simply use the front lobby entrance as detailed above.

  • If you attend class in studios C or D, the rear entrance off Nicholson St. is a good entry and exit for students who are comfortable within the studio. Please be aware, this hallway is narrow compared to the front lobby and there is no seating or waiting area. Space is limited and remaining here for any period of time may disrupt the flow of foot traffic. Therefore, this option should only be used by dancers who do NOT require the presence or assistance of a parent/guardian.

  • If you attend a class in studio A, both the front and rear entrances are viable options, whichever is most convenient. Again, please be aware of the space limitations when entering from the Nicholson St. parking lot, as detailed above. If your student requires the assitance of an adult, the front Lyon St. entrance is recommended.

  • If you attend class in studios A, C or D and require the presence of a parent/guardian upon arrival, please use the Lyon St. front lobby entrance (middle door). While this will create additional crowding in the lobby and parking lot, the space is ideal for assisting young dancers. Exiting through the rear door off Nicholson St. is still a useful option.

  • *** There is only one entrance to (and exit from) the front lobby area. On busier days, the lobby door off Lyon St. may become a major bottleneck. Please place your footwear on the provided racks! If the entryway floor is cluttered with shoes and boots, it becomes potentially unsafe.

  • If you wish to visit the office or Dance Shoppe, the front office entrance (the far right door off Lyon St.) is a good alternative during busy periods as it bypasses all lobby-related congestion.

The studio can be hectic and crowded during transition periods, especially on Saturday. While you are not required to use any specific entrance or exit, please consider your options and choose the one best suited to your situation. 

If you have not already done so, prepare yourself for the often difficult parking situation at the studio.

Friday 08-Sep-23 17:37:34 PDT