It's no secret. Parking at the studio can be frustrating. Our parking lots are small and the street is often packed with vehicles from the college. Other businesses on Lyon St. are very protective of their assigned parking spots and they will not hesitate to have someone towed. We would hate to see that happen!

The most important rule: Do NOT park in front of neighboring businesses during their hours of operation. PG Surg-Med and Canuck Mechanical are directly beside us, please respect their business hours.

  • Canuck closes at 4:30pm on weekdays, after which time you are welcome to park there. They are also closed on Saturday, freeing up several valuable spots on our busiest day of the week. We do occasionally see one of their large trucks arriving during off hours, so try not to block their loading area (even on weekends).

  • PG Surg-Med is open until 5pm on weekdays and their lot becomes available once they close. It is IMPORTANT to note that Surg-Med is open on Saturday. Their clients are elderly and often have mobility issues, and may require room to load and unload wheelchairs, powered scooters, and other equipment. Resist the urge to use their parking lot during business hours (even if it appears empty). You risk being towed, regardless.

  • B&F Auto, which is located across the street from Surg-Med, is quite friendly toward studio patrons! Please avoid parking there during the week as they are very busy and your vehicle may become trapped once they lock the gate. However, B&F is closed on weekends and they allow us to use their fenced in lot on Saturday, which is extremely generous and helpful. Be aware of this additional parking if you attend a weekend class.

  • On Saturday, as there are no classes at the college, expect to find additional street parking (especially on 18th avenue).

  • Please be aware, we do have a small parking lot (and a rear entrance to the studio) off Nicholson St. We share the lot with another business but they are not often around during dance hours. This is an ideal place to drop off/pick up students, and a great way to avoid the congestion on Lyon St.

While we do not enforce a strict drop-and-go policy, we do encourage it. We realize that younger students may want and need the help of a parent, but if your child is comfortable being dropped off, please consider it. Carpooling is also a helpful solution.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that the parking situation may cause. It can be annoying and frustrating, but keeping everyone safe is our number one concern. There are often young students on foot, especially on Saturday, so please drive (and park) with caution.