It's no secret. Parking at the studio can be frustrating. Our parking lots are small and the street is often packed with vehicles from the college. Other businesses on Lyon St. are very protective of their assigned parking spots and they will not hesitate to have someone towed. We would hate to see that happen!

The most important rule: RESPECT OUR NEIGHBOURS. If they ask you to move, please do so. We have to coexist with the businesses around us. We are all in this together.

  • With regard to drop-and-go, once you leave the building, please do not remain in the parking lot unless absolutely necessary. We have far more clientele than parking spots. We must work together to provide easy, safe access to the facility. Please be considerate of other dance families, especially during high traffic transition periods.
  • Do NOT park in front of neighbouring businesses during their hours of operation. The space in front of a business is private property. They have the right to remove you at any time, even when they are closed! Only their patience and goodwill prevents you from being towed. Do not sneak into a spot for "just a minute" (unless you have permission). Respect and comply with all neighbouring employees. Reports of Excalibur clientele disrespecting our neighbours will be addressed and taken seriously.

  • Canuck Mechanical requires their space until 5:30pm on weekdays. Though they lock their doors at 4:30pm, their employees are often on site after hours. Canuck is closed on Saturday, freeing up several valuable spots on our busiest day of the week. We occasionally see their large trucks arriving during off hours--even on weekends, do not block their loading area (on the far left). Do not ignore their signage. Do not park directly in front of the entrance, this is NOT a parking spot! If a Canuck employee asks you to move, regardless of the day and time, please do so.

  • PG Surg-Med is open until 5pm on weekdays and their lot becomes available once they close. Their clients are often elderly and have mobility issues, they may require room to load and unload wheelchairs, powered scooters, and other equipment. Resist the urge to use their parking lot during business hours (even if it appears empty). PLEASE NOTE: Surg-Med is CLOSED on Saturdays! Excalibur clientele are welcome to use the front lot on weekends ... but on weekdays until 5pm: Respect their employees, respect their space. 

  • B&F Auto Service, which is located across the street from Surg-Med, is quite friendly toward studio patrons. Still, do NOT park in their space during the work week. They are very busy and your vehicle may become trapped once they lock the gate.

  • On Saturday, as there are no classes at the college, expect to find plenty of additional street parking (especially on 18th avenue).

  • Please be aware, we do have a small parking lot (and a rear studio entrance) off Nicholson St. Try to avoid parking in front of the large bay door on the left as we do share the lot with a separate business. They are not often on site during dance hours but they do require access on occasion. This is an ideal place to drop off/pick up students and a great way to avoid the congestion on Lyon St.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that the parking situation may cause. We do our best to keep you informed and aware but it ultimately falls on each dance family to respect our neighbours, to both comply and cooperate with their signage and employees.

Above all else: Stay safe. There are often young students on foot, especially on Saturday, so please drive (and park) with caution.

Now that you've found a spot, consider how best to enter and exit the Excalibur facility.

Saturday 02-Sep-23 10:10:56 PDT