*** The 2nd semester of our 2019/20 season begins on Monday, January 6th 2020

Some important info:

  • Studio policies and practices. If you have not already taken the time to read these, please do so as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please contact office staff for assistance.

  • With the start of our 2nd semester, we resume regular business hours in the office and Dance Shoppe. Staff will be available to assist you from 3pm-6:30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-2:30pm on Saturday.
  • 1773 Lyon St. South. Our facility consists of six studios all under one roof. Each class is held in a specific studio. Example: Studio "A" or Studio "F". You may not know where studio "A" or "F" is, but don't worry! Studio staff will be available to answer questions and offer directions.
  • There is both a front and rear entrance to the building. When entering, we ask that you please remove your outdoor footwear and place it on the shelves and racks provided (especially in the winter months). Thank you in advance!
  • On the first day, simply wait in the main lobby until the instructor calls your class. This will occur each week at the scheduled time. Do you know the start time of your class? Do you wish to know the name of your instructor? Use the "Classes" menu link (above) to view class listings, print the scheduleaccess your online account, or contact office staff to confirm.
  • Though parents and guardians are NOT generally permitted to sit in on classes, there are windows for viewing (except in studio D). Instructors may invite parents into the classroom on the first day, but this is left to the teacher's discretion and assumes there is space to accommodate spectators. It is important that everyone feel comfortable on the first day and we will do our best to make that happens!
  • In an effort to go green, we are attempting to eliminate styrofoam cups. We ask that all students bring a full water bottle to class. If refills are needed, there is a filtered water bottle filling station available in the change room common area.
  • Pre-authorized 1st of the month billing will continue up to and including June 1st, 2019 (unless otherwise notified).

  • As with many dance studios, parking can be an issue! There is limited street parking--be aware of the bus stops and signage, be sure to park legally. Please note that while there is a parking area at the rear of the building, it is generally used for staff parking and is often full. Above all, please do NOT park in front of neighbouring businesses during thier hours of operation. PG Surg-Med is especially sensitive to this. We strongly recommend that parents consider drop-and-go where possible as we often struggle to find parking for everyone, especially on Saturday.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.