2018/19 Pre-Registration

Posted: May 22, 2018

Pre-registration has begun! Sign up for next season no later than June 30th, save 15% off September tuition fees.

Use the Classes menu link to explore your options, or click REGISTER NOW! to get started.

Our 2018/19 class schedule can be viewed HERE. The same document can be found via our Information menu link, along with 2018/19 policy, class attire, and studio closures (including recital performance dates).

If you have a preexisting account with Excalibur, you can log in and submit your enrollment without having to fill out a new online registration form.

Our online system has been updated! It is now mobile friendly and easier to navigate, though quite different from the old system. Consider watching the 3 minute "Parent Portal" introduction video, located at the bottom of the login screen. If you require assistance, please contact excaliburarts@shaw.ca or call 250-564-6326.