January 2015 Registration

Posted: Dec 17, 2014

Online registration for our 2nd semester has begun! Again, it is important to note that you are NOT required to re-register if you are currently enrolled in classes. If you have not recently been contacted regarding changes to your preexisting classes, then your schedule heading into January will be identical to that of the 1st semester. Should you wish to change your current class load, however, this is your best opportunity to do so.

First time registrants, we suggest you visit the "REGISTER NOW!" link for instructions on how to get started. :)

Some of our smaller classes have been re-opened and are now accepting new registrants. As well, several newly formed classes have been added to the schedule and will begin in January, provided they reach the minimum enrollment required to do so.

Using our "Classes" menu, you can view availability based on age or desired discipline, simply look for classes with the "Register" link next to them. All of our brand new classes also feature a [NEW!] tag.

Class availability is always changing, and additional new classes are likely to appear as January approaches, so keep an eye on the website (or our Facebook) for updates.

If you cannot find a class that works, and you'd like to see something specific added to the schedule, please let us know! The more people who contact us regarding a potential class option, the better. Though we cannot guarantee anything, we always do our best to add classes based on demand (provided there is interest, studio space, and a qualified instructor available to teach). It never hurts to ask, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

Wednesday 17-Feb-16 09:37:59 PST